Florian Rommel

Florian Rommel (M.Sc.)

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Mail: rommel@sra.uni-hannover.de
Telefon: 0511 762 19729
Adresse: 30167 Hannover, Appelstrasse 4, Raum 119


CADOS: Configurability-Aware Development of Operating Systems (DFG: LO 1719/3-1)
In the CADOS project, we investigate scalable methods and tools to deal with the implementation of variability across all implementation layers of modern system software.
Multiverse: While static variability can be completely resolved at compile time, dynamic variation points come at a cost arising from extra tests and branches in the control flow. Multiverse is an approach to handle dynamic variability efficiently by means of binary patching. It provides an extension to the C programming language that enables the developer to express dynamic variability in performance-critical paths. With specially annotated config variables, multiverse can generate multiple versions of a function and dynamically binary patch the running system to use the version of the current configuration. The goal is to narrow the gap between dynamic and static variability by allowing the developer to easily employ run-time configurability at zero or low cost.


Summer 2018: Projekt SRA, Proseminar Parallelverarbeitung
Winter 2018/19: Rechnerstrukturen

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Multiverse: Compiler-Assisted Dynamic Variability Management in the Linux Kernel

Status: abgeschlossen
Supervisors: Christian Dietrich, Andreas Ziegler, Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat, Daniel Lohmann
Project: CADOS
Bearbeiter: Florian Rommel (abgegeben: 02. Nov 2017)
Use the multiverse compiler plugin to optimize paths in the Linux kernel