Björn Fiedler

Björn Fiedler (M.Sc.)

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Telefon: 0511 762 19736
Adresse: 30167 Hannover, Appelstrasse 4, Raum 118


AHA: Automated Hardware Abstraction in Operating-System Engineering (DFG: LO 1719/4-1)
Goal of AHA is to improve nonfunctional properties of system software by a very deep, but fully automated specialization of the application-hardware bridge represented by the operating system. We investigate, how alternative implementations that are mapped more directly to hardware features, can be generated from a concrete application and their actual interactions with the operating system.

Teaching and Courses

Wintersemester 2018: Grundlagen der Betriebssysteme



OSPERT Workshop Best Paper Award
Levels of Specialization in Real-Time Operating Systems
Björn Fiedler, Gerion Entrup, Christian Dietrich, Daniel LohmannProceedings of the 14th Annual Workshop on Operating Systems Platforms for Embedded Real-Time Applications (OSPERT '18)2018Best Paper Award.
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