Structured Design of LaTeX-Beamer Slides and their Presentation in Multi-Moniter Environments

With the increasing digitization of lecture halls and presentation rooms, the available presentation space in these rooms is also increasing. This means that an increasing number of rooms are equipped with multiple screens or projectors.

However, the presentation software and the visual materials used are still designed for a single presentation surface. Similarly, the presentation software is designed for a single display facing the audience.

In this thesis, you should develop a technical solution so that presentation materials for lectures with multiple display surfaces can be constructed and displayed. In addition to pure presentation, interaction using touch and pen inputs should also be enabled, allowing for highlighting and drawing, for example. Existing software should be extended accordingly.

At the same time, a guide for the target audience of presenters should be developed, which illuminates the benefits and risks of extended display surfaces with different content and can be used as a basis for good presentation materials. This includes an examination of the literature on topics such as attention, visual overload, and memorability, as well as recommendations for the case where, contrary to expectations, only a single presentation surface is available for a planned lecture.