De-slacking MultiSSE: Improving Timing Analysis and Code Synthesis in ARA, an LLVM-Based Whole-System Compiler for Multi-Core Real-Time Systems

The MultiSSE analyzes real-time multicore systems to enumerate all possible system states. Without further restriction, this results in a combinatoric explosion, which the MultiSSE tries to mitigate by leveraging BCET and WCET times of individual code parts.

The idea of this thesis is to reduce the amount of states even further by enforcing a longer BCET in the real system and thus making the system more deterministic and predictable. Your task in concrete consists of these subtasks:

RTAS Conference A
MultiSSE: Static Syscall Elision and Specialization for Event-Triggered Multi-Core RTOS
Gerion Entrup, Björn Fiedler, Daniel LohmannProceedings of the 29th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS'23)2023.
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