Whole-Program Analysis of POSIX/Linux-Applications: Design and Implementation of an Operating-System Model

ARA is a program to statically analyze an application to extract all operating system instances (like threads) together with their interactions (what thread interacts with this queue?). It is built upon the LLVM compiler infrastructure and makes heavy use of it's API. Currently, it is able to analyze applications written for FreeRTOS (an RTOS for embedded use).

The Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) is a widely used operating system interface, most notably used by Linux and MacOS. For POSIX a wide variety of applications exists. The goal of this thesis is to bring support of the POSIX interface to ARA, which allows to analyze fully automatically the internal structure of POSIX applications. Part of the task is the recognition of the POSIX system calls and builing a POSIX system model description in ARA.

The tasks that should be done in the thesis are:

Topics covered by this thesis:
Linux, POSIX, static analysis, LLVM, C++, C, Python

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