Publications (Journal)


JSA Journal
Analyzing the memory ordering models of the Apple M1
Lars Wrenger, Dominik Töllner, Daniel LohmannJournal of Systems Architecture1492024.
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CACM Journal
'What is the Ideal Operating System?': Technical Perspective
Daniel LohmannCommunications of the ACM65.5Association for Computing Machinery2022.
PDF 10.1145/3524299 [BibTex]


CACM Journal
A Bibliometric Approach for Detecting the Gender Gap in Computer Science
Sandra Mattauch, Katja Lohmann, Frank Hannig, Daniel Lohmann, Jürgen TeichCommunications of the ACM63.52020.
PDF Video 10.1145/3376901 [BibTex]


EMSOFT Journal A
Honey, I Shrunk the ELFs: Lightweight Binary Tailoring of Shared Libraries
Andreas Ziegler, Julian Geus, Bernhard Heinloth, Timo Hönig, Daniel LohmannACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems18.5sACM Press2019.
PDF Raw Data 10.1145/3358222 [BibTex]


TECS Journal A
Demystifying Soft-Error Mitigation by Control-Flow Checking – A New Perspective on Its Effectiveness
Simon Schuster, Peter Ulbrich, Isabella Stilkerich, Christian Dietrich, Wolfgang Schröder-PreikschatACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems16.5sACM2017.
10.1145/3126503 [BibTex]
TECS Journal A
Global Optimization of Fixed-Priority Real-Time Systems by RTOS-Aware Control-Flow Analysis
Christian Dietrich, Martin Hoffmann, Daniel LohmannACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems16.2ACM Press2017.
PDF Raw Data 10.1145/2950053 [BibTex]


SQJ Journal
Experiences with Software-based Soft-Error Mitigation using AN-Codes
Martin Hoffmann, Peter Ulbrich, Christian Dietrich, Horst Schirmeier, Daniel Lohmann, Wolfgang Schröder-PreikschatSoftware Quality Journal24.1Springer US2016.
PDF 10.1007/s11219-014-9260-4 [BibTex]
it Journal
Providing Security on Demand Using Invasive Computing
Gabor Drescher, Christoph Erhardt, Felix Freiling, Johannes Götzfried, Daniel Lohmann, Pieter Maene, Tilo Müller, Ingrid Verbauwhede, Andreas Weichslgartner, Stefan Wildermannit - Special issue on Invasive Computingit - Information Technology58.6De Gruyter Oldenbourg2016.
10.1515/itit-2016-0032 [BibTex]


JSA Journal B
Resource Awareness on Heterogeneous MPSoCs for Image Processing
Johny Paul, Walter Stechele, Benjamin Oechslein, Christoph Erhardt, Jens Schedel, Daniel Lohmann, Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat, Manfred Kröhnert, Tamim Asfour, Éricles Sousa, Vahid Lari, Frank Hannig, Jürgen Teich, Artjum Grundnitsky, Lars Bauer, Jörg HenkelJournal of Systems Architecture61.10Elsevier2015.
10.1016/j.sysarc.2015.09.002 [BibTex]
JSA Journal B
Self-Adaptive Corner Detection on MPSoC Through Resource-Aware Programming
Johny Paul, Benjamin Oechslein, Christoph Erhardt, Jens Schedel, Manfred Kröhnert, Daniel Lohmann, Walter Stechele, Tamim Asfour, Wolfgang Schröder-PreikschatJournal of Systems Architecture61.10Elsevier2015.
10.1016/j.sysarc.2015.07.011 [BibTex]
it Journal
Multi-layer software reliability for unreliable hardware
Muhammad Shafique, Philip Axer, Christoph Borchert, Jian-Jia Chen, Kuan-Hsun Chen, Björn Döbel, Rolf Ernst, Hermann Härtig, Andreas Heinig, Rüdiger Kapitza, Florian Kriebel, Daniel Lohmann, Peter Marwedel, Semeen Rehman, Florian Schmoll, Olaf Spinczykit - Information Technology57.3De Gruyter2015.
10.1515/itit-2014-1081 [BibTex]
OSR Journal
The dataref versuchung
Christian Dietrich, Daniel LohmannACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review: Special Issue on Repeatability and Sharing of Experimental ArtifactsACM Press2015.
PDF 10.1145/2723872.2723880 [BibTex]


STTT Journal B
Revealing and Repairing Configuration Inconsistencies in Large-Scale System Software
Reinhard Tartler, Julio Sincero, Christian Dietrich, Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat, Daniel LohmannInternational Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT)14.5Springer-Verlag2012.
PDF 10.1007/s10009-012-0225-2 [BibTex]
OSR Journal
Configuration Coverage in the Analysis of Large-Scale System Software
Reinhard Tartler, Daniel Lohmann, Christian Dietrich, Christoph Egger, Julio SinceroACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review45.3ACM Press2012.
PDF 10.1145/2094091.2094095 [BibTex]
TAOSD Journal
The Aspect-Aware Design and Implementation of the CiAO Operating-System Family
Daniel Lohmann, Olaf Spinczyk, Wanja Hofer, Wolfgang Schröder-PreikschatTransactions on AOSD IXSpringer-Verlag2012.
PDF 10.1007/978-3-642-35551-6_5 [BibTex]


TAOSD Journal
PUMA: An Aspect-Oriented Code Analysis and Manipulation Framework for C and C++
Matthias Urban, Daniel Lohmann, Olaf SpinczykTransactions on AOSD VIIISpringer-Verlag2011.
10.1007/978-3-642-22031-9_5 [BibTex]


KnoSys Journal B
AspectC++: An integrated approach for static and dynamic adaptation of system software
Reinhard Tartler, Daniel Lohmann, Fabian Scheler, Olaf SpinczykKnowledge-Based Systems23.72010.
PDF 10.1016/j.knosys.2010.03.002 [BibTex]


IFE Journal
Dimensions of Variability in Embedded Operating Systems
Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat, Daniel Lohmann, Fabian Scheler, Olaf SpinczykInformatik - Forschung und Entwicklung22.12007.
PDF 10.1007/s00450-007-0037-x [BibTex]
KnoSys Journal B
The Design and Implementation of AspectC++
Olaf Spinczyk, Daniel LohmannKnowledge-Based Systems, Special Issue on Techniques to Produce Intelligent Secure Software20.7Elsevier2007.
PDF 10.1016/j.knosys.2007.05.004 [BibTex]


TAOSD Journal
Lean and Efficient System Software Product Lines: Where Aspects Beat Objects
Daniel Lohmann, Olaf Spinczyk, Wolfgang Schröder-PreikschatTransactions on AOSD IISpringer-Verlag2006.
PDF 10.1007/11922827_8 [BibTex]


AspectC++: An AOP Extension for C++
Olaf Spinczyk, Daniel Lohmann, Matthias UrbanSoftware Developers Journal5.5Software-Sydawnicto Sp. z o. o.2005.
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