Let ARA Fly Fast: Optimizing an LLVM-Based Whole-System Optimizer for Embedded Real-Time Systems via Systematic Profiling

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ARA is a whole-system compiler to optimizes the system with global knowledge. It consists of two parts. In a first step it takes a (real-time) system's source code as input and statically analyzes it to retrieve global knowledge. Equipped with this knowledge, it then synthesize an optimized system image in a second step. Possible optimizations are speed or memory usage improvements. ARA focuses on usage and interactions between application and underlying operating system.

Currently, in terms of speed it comes to its limits, when the analyzed system gets bigger. Your goal with this thesis is to make ARA fast, really fast!

This includes a few subtasks:

Since ARA is written in C++ and Python, a good knowledge of these languages is beneficial.

Topics covered by this thesis:
profiling, static analysis, LLVM, C++, Python

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