Generic Metatdata Transport of High-Level–Language Properties between LLVM-Compiler Fron and Middle End for Static Analysis

Currently, ARA -- an operating-system aware whole-system compiler -- operates exclusively on the LLVM IR (an intermediate language between the high level language and the binary code). However, sometimes information from the front end (that the LLVM IR is not able to express) would give better analysis results. Examples for that are:

Your task with this thesis is to fix these problems by making it possible to get front-end information into ARA. An important part of the thesis is to do this systematically: Check the literature for useful source code information for abstract interpretation and develop a generic and extensible mechanism to get information from an LLVM front end into the middle end. The whole tasks splits into several subtasks:

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ARA: Static Initialization of Dynamically-Created System Objects
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ARA: Automatic Instance-Level Analysis in Real-Time Systems
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