Stefan Naumann

Stefan Naumann (M.Sc.)

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Telefon: 0511 762 19736
Adresse: 30167 Hannover, Appelstraße 4, Raum 118

Teaching and Courses



RTSS Conference A*
RT.js: Practical Real-Time Scheduling for Web Applications
Christian Dietrich, Stefan Naumann, Robin Thrift, Daniel LohmannProceedings of the 40th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium 2019IEEE Computer Society Press2019To appear.


PylotOS - an interpreted Operating System
Stefan Naumann Master ThesisTechnische Universität Chemnitz2018.
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Students' Symposium
Automatisierte Verlässligkeitsmodelle verteilter Anwendungen
Stefan Naumann Students' SymposiumTechnische Universität Chemnitz2016.
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Supervised Theses

Open Theses Topics

Running Theses

Investigating Microarchitectural Effects on Code Optimization for Specific Processor Models

Typ: Bachelorarbeit
Status: laufend
Supervisors: Stefan Naumann, Daniel Lohmann
Project: AHA
Bearbeiter: Vitali Fendel
Research the effects of compiler optimization flags on different processor architectures and their impact on the code being executed.

Accelerate Micropython: Developing Accelerators for Micropython on the RISC-V platform

Typ: Masterarbeit
Status: laufend
Supervisors: Stefan Naumann, Daniel Lohmann
Project: AHA
Bearbeiter: Gabriel Behn
Benchmark Micropython, identify spots to accelerate and propose hardware accelerators for the Micropython interpreter.

Finished Student Theses

How to trust the Snake: Extending the Chain of Trust to Interpreted Languages on Highly Embedded Systems

Typ: Bachelorarbeit
Status: abgeschlossen
Supervisors: Stefan Naumann, Daniel Lohmann
Project: CADOS
Bearbeiter: Lars Wrenger
Extend Micropython so, that it can decide whether or not the code was put in place by the developer, not a hacker. Also the integrity of the code needs to be proven during execution.