Mindstorming with Erika: Porting an OSEK/AUTOSAR conform operating system to ARM9

Lego Mindstorms EV3 is a modular system to build robots with help of LEGO. The most important part of the project is the mindstorm brick, where several sensors can be connected and that is powered by an ARM9 microcontroller. The processors runs a firmware designed for playful programming. However, this firmware is not appropriate for low level and timing critical programming.

Therefore other works have already provided an incomplete implementation of the real-time operating system OSEK, that allows the usage of the robot for real-time applications. However, this implementation is incomplete and had serious bugs. The main Goal of this thesis is to port the widespread ERIKA OS (an implementation of the OSEK standard) onto the Mindstorms brick. Optionally an interface for the Mindstorms sensors is desirable. As a last step both parts can then be combined to port a real-time application to EV3.


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