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About us

We observe a continuous increase of the complexity of technical systems. At the same time, the dependency of humans on technical systems is increasing. To keep future technical systems under control we have to incorporate more organization principles derived from nature like adaptivity, locality, autonomy, and self-organization. Such systems become life-like or “organic”.

The SRA is active – in research and teaching – in the area of complex system architectures. Since 2003 we are centrally involved in the Organic Computing Initiative, which investigates innovative natural analogue organization principles for technical systems. Our goal is a better understanding of the key properties of complex technical systems, their formal description and validation as well as methods and tools for their design. We test our solutions in practical and industry-relevant application scenarios.

More specifically, we work – within the framework of Organic Computing (OC) – in areas like

  • Social OC: Trust-based systems
  • Online optimization
  • Parallel population-based optimization on multicores
  • Application of OC in traffic control, robotics, and communication networks

We offer courses on the undergraduate and graduate level in the areas of

  • Computer architecture
  • Operating systems
  • Organic Computing