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Selbst-organisierte robuste kooperative Exploration (SoREx)

Leitung:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Müller-Schloer Christian
Bild Selbst-organisierte robuste kooperative Exploration (SoREx)

The project studies methods for the description, planning and execution of complex procedures which require a larger number of agents in different roles.

We will try to shift the process of the planning from the design time to the run time under constraints. In addition, we distribute the planning from the centralized server towards the agents. The planning at run time allows the quick response to special situations like obstacles or conflicts. These special situations would result in a local re-planning as long as the agent is capable of resolving these problems locally. Otherwise the agent should escalate to the next higher layer. To fulfill the replanning under limited resources, we will investigate to reduce the complexity of the replanning.

The evaluation will be performed in the scope of multi-agent-simulation together with a workbench of twelve Khepera mobile robots.

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Supervised student theses

  1. Fischer, F.: "Entwicklung einer Toolchain zur Steuerung des Khepera III im Simulator und in einer Versuchsumgebung". Seminar paper, 2012.